ACT in KY part 2


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First, I want to say how proud I am of my school’s juniors. They performed well yesterday and many of them felt as though they did their best. Yesterday was an interesting day for me because it provided the chance to talk to many of the students about what it was like to take the ACT for the first time. They also had questions about the CATS test and why they had to take 2 tests in the same year. Several students seemed to not understand who made the decisions about the testing and why. After explaining that the state legislature decided how much testing they go through and when, the students seemed a little upset. Of course saying that students don’t like tests is almost cliche. But it was interesting to see how much they really don’t know about the whole process and why we do the testing.

As of Tuesday, Senate Bill 1 is still being evaluated in the KY House. The bill has gained some support outside of Frankfort but I believe that it will be a bad choice. Even though it does get rid of CATS testing and replace it with a nationally norm referenced test, it does get rid of Arts & Humanities as well. This could become the end of great Arts based programs that are not simply performance arts. Additionally, it does not address how core content standards will be assessed. Currently the CATS tests is supposed to be built according to Core Content. Since the CATS would no longer be built according to core content what would happen to that document?

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