NewsTalk Fatigue


The CNN Center in Atlanta.Image via Wikipedia

Every once in awhile I seem to suffer from what I call newstalk fatigue. Being a history teacher and having a healthy appetite for politics, I tied to get my news from different sources everyday: blog feeds, CNN, national news, ect. However, there are times when I just don’t want to watch. I feel guilty about it and wonder why I get like this. Usually every morning is a healthy dose of Glen Beck & Anderson 360. Before that it use to be Neil Cavuto. Of course all of this can be traced back to the early mornings at home after Kari heads off to work. But now I am just a little over the loud talk and the “oh my I am full of myself” attitudes. And don’t even ask about the local morning news shows or the national news/gossip shows. Even Sportscenter is a little much in the mornings sometimes. Don’t know where this all came from but just thought about writing because today was just one of those days.

As a side note the news swamping of NY Gov. is too much. Let the man get back to his life now and try to rebuild his marriage. None of us know what his motivation was or why but now that he has left office let him put his life back together.

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