Chicken Little Tech

>Since the beginning of the new year, a list of tech issues have been popping up around the global. During January and February as many as nine different underwater tech cable were disabled throughout the Middle East. At the time many of the US news agencies treated the issues as a simple mistake of shipping in the high traffic areas of the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. Since then, EU news groups have investigated and found that many of the cables seem to have been cut in some other manor. Other evidence shows that shipping traffic for those areas was null for the 12 hour period before the outages (see links).

With this in mind, students reported yesterday that texting was either hampered or completely disabled during most of the day yesterday. This is the second time such an event has happened in the Ohio River Valley in the past two months. For many of the older generation cell texting may be a hassle and non-important, but it has become a huge mode for reporting current news as it is happening, ie VT shootings. Many news agencies and police departments use texting as a way to relay information quickly in stealthy manor.

Sometimes things are just coincidence other times they are not. Lets hope this was just weird gremlins at work.

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