KY SB 157

>Since KERA went into effect, teachers within the state of KY had to only worry about one day a year. April 30. As long as you did not receive your pink slip on that day you knew that you would be brought back to teach the following year. Well that will now change with the SB 157 education bill. According to the new changes signed into law. May 15 now becomes the new firing date each school year. For some teachers and school districts this could be too late. I think that the intent was to give some relief to school district on tight budgets that depend on the bi-annual state budget to determine cuts. This now will give a district upwards of 30 days to determine budgetary cuts. Additionally the time period for a teacher to decide if they wish to return has been extended to within 15 days of the next school year. Overall the changes seem to be proactive for school districts and teachers.