Someone is Missing!

>This week all across KY teachers were fired. Pink slips were offered up for all kinds of reasons. Some valid, some questionable, and some unethical. For many teachers they struggle through the first four years seeking tenure and longevity. However, many were given an ouster only two weeks before summer.
Why is it still possible for a teacher to dedicate 40 hours a week to sleepless nights and bureaucratic paperwork only to be told to leave? If a teacher was truly awful then it would stand to reason that administrators and district personnel would have nurtured success. Professional development and personal growth plans are all educational jargon that is lost in the fray of nontenured firings. But of course in many districts these actions are annual experiences of anxiety.
What will be sad is that graduates that unknowingly return to see old mentors only to be told the fact that they were told to go. And of course the summer interviews for replacements, patsies, will be awkward for someone especially if they ask, “what kind of faculty support/loyalty history do you have?”
It is time for faculties to ask administrators to stop emotionally, personally, and politically motivated firings. This will continuously erode the community of learners and professional learning communities that are sought after by so many.
If I can’t trust you to listen to my philosophical and pedagogical differences then what do we really have to talk about…

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