New Facebook, Favre, Job

>New Facebook
I have to say that the new layout is great and really easy to use on mobile devices. But of course transitions are everything and this was a little awkward. At first I didn’t like it but for page developers it’s much easier to use. Also the look between a cell phone and a computer is almost the same.

Bret Favre
And the football gods say, “It is done.” the best quarterback since the Elway/Montana generation is leaving the NFC North and heading east. Chicago Bears fans are rejoicing and wondering what this all means for the wildcard. Bears playoffs and the Pack at home in the Wisconsin freezer. I hope Favre has a great season in NY… J E T S Jets! Jets! Jets!

Model Lab
Since last week a lot has happened. Last Thursday I interviewed at Model Lab School for a new teaching position. I was offered the job Friday morning and had to wait to accept it until Tuesday afternoon. According to KY law teachers must resign before 15 days before school. After that point it is the choice of the school district to release you from contract. Needless to say, yesterday I started to move into my new classroom and look forward to this year.