NBC Olympics and Veepstakes

>NBC News
Is it just me or has the coverage of the Olympics changed this time around? NBC has gained almost complete access to Beijing and the surrounding areas as a means to cover the Games. As a result, their nightly news segments have been laced with some very interesting stories. Recently they covered a story about the lack of demonstrations throughout the city. It appears that all of the individuals that applied for the permits to demonstrate/protest, were rounded up and placed in prison. The story went on to say that the government had conflicting stories on exactly what the reasons were for the detentions. Alternatively the stories covered each night during the games have been interesting but a little light on journalism. I know that there is a happy medium between breaking down corruption stories within the country and keeping a presence after the clamp down returns but I wish they would put some of these on in prime time.

Vice President
Again we are in the dark about the true motives of Obama and McCain. Reports started surfacing Tuesday that the Obama campaign would make an announcement on Thursday and that it could be directed at the ME generation through txt messaging. The interesting part about this method s that it would seem that the large Obama nation would begin getting rewarded for supporting their participation in the primaries. I must admit that this does bolster loyalty within the campaign but it would seem that this could be a dangerous and divisive methodology over time for both Parties.