>Google Maps: Educational Sinfulness.

>When was the last time that anybody witnessed a person using a paper map to figure out direction, distance, and relevance of landmarks? I must admit that I do possess an iPhone and while in the car I will use it to find and generate directions for me. But what ever happened to the development of multi-layered maps. The ones that are strategically placed throughout airports and hotel lobbies giving out directions to the best places in town and guiding all new comers. While Google Maps is in the process of killing the industry and Cartographers are rising up against them. BBC news recently published a great article about the uproar in England between conservative cartographers and geeked up Google Maps. The cartographers have it right on this one. As TomTom, OnStar, and GPS Genies everywhere takeover our vehicles children are starting to see a pattern of learned helplessness when it comes to directions. ell news on the street tells me that satellites, batteries, and GPS is nice but tech is fleeting. In the case of Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and now Gustave, 100s of thousands of people will be without electricity, which means a good paper map and compass could be all that helps them get out.

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