>Russia, Georgia, and Czarist Tendencies


Russia, Georgia, and Czarist Tendencies
Two great news articles have emerged as the leaders in trying to explain the new power grab taking place in the Caucus Mountains and Central Asia. August 19, Asia Times Online ran an article explaining the American illusion that the world was actually still in a unipolar geopolitical state. However, with the reemergence of political hardliners manipulating Putin and the current democratization of the Black Sea Russia made a move to stop the process. In the grand scheme of things the West has been pushing in one direction much like the Sisyphean tasks of old. The more that the US and Western governments push into the Caucuses the tougher Russia will get. Case in point, with the collapse of the Soviet Union there are now more Russian leaving outside her borders; than, live inside many of her biggest cities. Protections of these expatriated Russians has become a key issue within the Kremlin.

The Russian President outline several key issues that during an interview this week. Amonst these were Spheres of Influence, and Russian ex-patriots Medvedev comment,

“Our unquestionable priority is to protect the life and dignity of our citizens, wherever they are. We will also proceed from this in pursuing our foreign policy. We will also protect the interest of our business community abroad. And it should be clear to everyone that if someone makes aggressive forays, he will get a response.”

As time progresses the true motivation of Russia Will become apparent. It is almost the equivalent of a dying star. As it reaches out to consumer more material out of need the consumption eventually causes the core to collapse in on itself. Russia is entering a dangerous time and the question of regional influences may play out inside the Security Council as well with the posibilites of a nuclear capable IRAN.