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AT&T Reports: iPhone 3G Data Usage “Sub-Par” and 4G’s Future | The iPhone Blog
So far the biggest issue with many of the iPhone users has to be internet connectivity. The Edge network is still the predominate coverage plan for many living on the edge of suburbia. 3G is impossible to find and keep outside of the major metro areas. This combined with the fact that a single person could be responsible a $30 monthly fee even though the coverage maps may not cover home areas. The select few who had used the $15 data plan loophole may be required to move over to the other. Not on the AT&T $30 iPhone Data Plan? Soon You Will Be… | The iPhone Blog

Android: Exciting, but not iPhone exciting | Between the Lines |

Google and T-Mobile are beginning to take a shot at this segment of the cell market.  Many have to wonder if the poor man’s iPhone will be a hit, miss, or some kind of different.

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