The Bailout is still… and Detroit gets Cheap Gov. Loans


A $25 Billion Lifeline for GM, Ford, and Chrysler – FlowChart (

Hot Docs: The $700 Billion Rescue, Price Tag of Previous Bailouts, Corruption in Iraq – US News and World Report

All of my life, I have learned that my debt is my debt and only those close to me will feel the pain of my defaults, be wary of those you loan money to, and never spend more than you can afford no matter how good the deal. Of course corporate America seems to be the ones who never learned the lesson. As an aging population of business owners move out of the corporate offices and a generation of Baby boomers move one has to wonder if the joys and opulence of the 50’s and 60’s is finally coming home to rost. Week after week this economic crisis seems to be telling more people to panic and turn away. Hide the money and stock pile all you can. The end is coming soon and capitalism has failed. Even the leader of Iran has annouced our impending doom and this time he could be right.

Bailout, more like DC golden parachuete for stupidity. Agian my taxes
should not be used to keep Wall Street leaders inside of coporate
offices. Stock brokersneed to learn their lesson and move past the industry stupidity.Hopfully leaders within both parties will use this as a means to develop a more fiscally responsible budget. Hidden in the folds of the Bailout is a little know loan for all of the big three. Over the next two years, the Big Three could get asmuch as $75billion for continuing with bad business practices. The equvilent would be the French Government giving Coco Channel money for having lost its designer edge to smaller more competitive foergin designers. This should be an outrage and D.C. needs to stop. Coming from GM family I am only left to wonder what happened. We all know its called forgeting your core consumer and losing a market.

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