Being Sick and Finding Realtiy

>For those who don’t see me everyday, I have been sick in bed with the flu/ stomach bug since last night. Its odd in this day and age to be cut off from reality. At least during school holidays I can watch TV and be apart of the news cycle. But today I was a hole in the world for about 16 hours. No TV or blogging just sleep, headaches, and the occasional trip down the hallway. It begins to show how I am addicted to the world. I spent most of the day asleep but when I was awake I was thinking, “I wonder what the Dow is doing,” or “What are the Pundits saying about the debate.”
For 10 years now I have considered myself a born again Christian who struggles everyday to make today a little better than the last but not always succeeding. I could always justify sinfulness or apathy but again I find myself right back where I was before. But everyone once in awhile we get feed from our silence. Peace away from the world and nothing to speak to except ourselves and GOD. I know from the beginning I never wanted this to devolve into a vanity blog; so, I digress and ask that you all look and see where you are today with your faith.

Ten Blogging Commandments

It is refreshing to see that someone is finally puting together a Users’ Guide to Blogging appropriately. So amny time the religiously centere blogs concentrate on who is wrong and no how to make things right again. Maybe if we all use this as a guide things could turn out better. Proper fellowship should consist of bring other into the fold not running them away.

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