Education and Open Source


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   For many people in the education/academic community open source has been a  wonderful add-on to the now mobile/digital classroom. Students come from diverse backgrounds which means that their technology is diverse too. Open Office and Linux have long been the benchmarks of productive and successful open source software. In recent years, the growth of Mozilla additional programs have added to the fold such programs as Firefox, Thunderbird (an MS Outlook replacement), and Bugzilla (a progrma debugger). So many people in the digital world continue to thrive and survive based on a patchwork of programs. To think about the progess made in the past decade is amazing, and to see how far we have come in the technology markets.
   The once dominate firms of Microsoft and Apple do not have to fear the Open Source market but the idea of incorporating and building new machines and software that can accommodate users is never ending. Harddrives divided show that multiple users can work in the OS of their choice. No longer do we have two choices of Internet Browsers but now more than a dozen different browsers share part of the global market space. I myself use Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and IE for various different websites and functions. In the end, the needs of the consumer can be seen as the driving force behind the market and that is a good thing.

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