O’leary’s Fall From Grace…


ESPN – Former Central Florida player James Jamison talks about Ereck Plancher’s death on ESPN’s Outside the Lines

In 1998 at the height of his popularity, George O’Leary was 10-2 and beat UGA for the first time in seven years. By 2001, after seven seasons of success at Ga Tech, O’Leary went shopping for a better job at Notre Dame. As a result of the process he became embroiled in a resume scandal, lost the job, and was relegated to being an Assistant with the Minnesota Vikings. Two Seasons later, 2002, he eis hired at UCF and begins building a program from almost nothing. After a miserable 0-11 season he turns the school’s football program around and joins  C-USA.

Now fast forward to the spring of 2008, again his coaching style is called into question when a player of his dies shortly after a spring practice. Several media outlets and NCAA officials have been investigating the events surrounding the incident. ESPN’s Outside the Lines news program interviewed players and it seems as though the situation may need further investigation. His career has been what seems like a roller coaster for the past 15yrs. Hopefully after all is said and done the family of Eric Plancher will know what really happened and better oversight will be made for practices. The urge and need to win in all sports is overwhelming for many coaches, but it should never be the mitigating factor in an athlete’s death.

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