Big Plan for NASCAR would be a welcomed change!


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ESPN – Commissioner Darrell Waltrip would get NASCAR back on the right track

Ed Hinton explains his great idea for saving NASCAR and the sport of American Autoracing.

For openers, I wasn’t kidding when I said on “NASCAR Now” last week that Darrell Waltrip should be commissioner of NASCAR.

Somebody needed to say it, DW is the current leader of the de facto NASCAR Nation. Rusty may try to play the part but DW is the real deal. But how do we fix the season?

Hold no venue sacred. Both Atlanta and Charlotte have failed miserably to sell out their fall races in recent years. Daytona struggles with its summer race. Neither Fontana nor Texas has sold out a race since they each added a second Cup date annually.So take five drivers for four races. Every Sunday, somebody is eliminated, until there are two left standing for the finale.

I must admit my first thought was, “he is crazy.” But when you think about the season it is too long, too repetitive, and too boring. I have missed the end of over 10 races this year and most of them were during the Chase, I didn’t miss that much.

And no, it’s not a “reality show” format, any more than the NFL playoffs are, in which somebody is knocked ouSo take five drivers for four races. Every Sunday, somebody is eliminated, until there are two left standing for the finale.A four-race Chase would eliminate Talladega from the playoffs. So if you must include a crapshoot, make it the finale, in a warm-weather place with a hallowed track with plenty of seats.

Again makes sense but makes some people mad. Of course the way it all falls out, if you can’t win a championship in four races you sure can lose one.

Go back to having the mechanics themselves, who work on the cars Fridays and Saturdays, pit them Sundays. Johnson’s crew chief, Chad Knaus, was once a tire changer. Dale Earnhardt‘s greatest crew chief, Kirk Shelmerdine, was the team’s front tire changer on every stop. Junior Johnson, as a car owner, was for years his team’s jack man.

I would be one of the first who wants to see Zippy and some of the others get down and get dirty on a Sunday. This is not a gentleman’s sport, this racing and it should be about that ideology again. Great story and I recommend it to anyone.

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