Obama Appointees are Clintonites…

Bill Clinton
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Why should anyone be shocked by these choices. He is by all accounts a politician who has spent the better half of his post collegiate career accumulating power. Now that he has that power, why would he make choices that would threaten his statue within the party. Beside Hillary, Bubba, and the old crew were made promises long ago in return for his loyalty. This is the true Clinton legacy, a Democratic Party that has no real leadership without one or both making the decisions.

“What’s with Obama’s choice of old-time Clinton cronies and recycled Washington insiders to run the transition to his new politics of change?Can’t the anti-Washington insiders President-elect find anyone who isn’t a Beltway has-been?
But now, Obama has definitely changed his tune. As president-elect, he’s brought back the old Washington hacks, party regulars, and Clinton sycophants that he so frequently disparaged. Like Jimmy Carter, the last President who ran as an outsider, Obama has reached out to the same old folks who dominate the Democratic Party and represent the status quo.

Christopher Edley, another member of the transition team, is Dean of the Berkeley Law School. He’s a former member of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission under Clinton and his wife, Maria Echaveste was Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff.

Transition committee staffer Christine Varney was a Federal Trade Commissioner under Clinton and worked in the White House.

Throughout the early debates, Obama criticized Hillary as part of the inside-the beltway establishment that needed to go. But now he’s reaching out to these exact same folks. Some change.

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