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This is ridiculous. At what point does reality have to kick in. The comments made by the UAW about Toyota don’t tak into context the global market. GM have recalled nearly 2.6 million cars in the last two years. Most of the Toyota’s that were recalled were built and sold in Asia.

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Left Lane News reports, “General Motors has announced a recall of 276,000 2009 vehicles — ranging from coupes to sedans to crossovers — for a faulty transmission cable that prevents park from being properly engaged.” The flaw is highly problematic, WXYZ TV in Detroit says, because though the car looks like it is in park, the transmission isn’t, and that “can cause the vehicle to roll away.”

The Dallas Examiner says, “Ten 2009 model year GM vehicles are being recalled: the Buick Enclave; Chevy Cobalt, HHR, Malibu and Traverse; GMC Acadia; Pontiac G5 and G6; and the Saturn Aura and Outlook.” While the number of recalled vehicles is high, WXYZ reports, “General Motors say about 75,000 of the vehicles have been purchased, the rest are at dealerships. So far no crashes or injuries have been reported.”

The recall is seen as only adding to GM’s recent troubles. WYTV in Ohio reports that their local UAW President, Jim Graham is unhappy with the media coverage the recall has gotten. According to WYTV, Graham “says a much larger recall by Toyota earlier this year received very little attention compared with GM.” The station also quotes Graham: “Not only do we have to contend with unfair labor practices over the last 8 years and failed economic policies, now we have to contend with our own media. Report the truth. Toyota had 1.3 million cars recalled last January. You never saw that.”

The transmission recall isn’t the only one making news for GM. The Examiner reports “1,738 Hummer H3T’s are also being recalled. The vehicle may have a problem involving the fuel tank front support strap. GM said in a separate filing that if this mechanism is fractured, “the fuel tank could separate from the vehicle increasing the risk of a crash.”

Vehicle owners affected by the recalls will be contacted by GM. The NHTSA campaign number for the transmission recall is 09V073000; you can visit safercar.gov to see full recall details.

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