>NTU: Response to Health Care (Insurance) Reform Bill

>The White House put up an interesting blog post yesterday about what they now call “health insurance reform.” In it, they claim that groups like NTU and people like you are spreading “scary” emails and videos opposing government-run health care. They’re urging anyone who hears something “fishy,” whether through “emails or through casual conversation,” to report it to Big Brother at flag@whitehouse.gov. This way, they can monitor people that oppose their massive government-run health care plan.

Well, the National Taxpayers Union just took them up on their offer. We just sent an email to flag@whitehouse.gov reporting OURSELVES for spreading “scary” information and videos opposing government-run health care. We stepped forward and told them that we’re among the many proud Americans that oppose their plan to dramatically hike taxes, expand the size and scope of the federal government, and radically alter the health care system as we know it with their $1 trillion scheme. Won’t you do the same?

Here’s a chance to register YOUR dissent directly with the President. Let President Obama and his staff know EXACTLY how you feel about government-run health care! Email them today at flag@whitehouse.gov. Be respectful and courteous, but tell them that their plan is NOT the right path forward.

If they want to get a sense of the opposition, then let’s give it to them!

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