>NTU/Tea Party 9/12 March Open Letter


Just a few days ago, I witnessed history. I joined hundreds of thousands of frustrated taxpayers from all across the country and took to the streets for the 9/12 March on Washington. For years, we’ve been ignored as politicians racked up trillions in debt, dramatically expanded the size of government, and seized control of entire industries. But Saturday, September 12, 2009 will mark the date when Americans rose up and told Washington: ENOUGH!

In addition to the March on Saturday, NTU coordinated events beginning with the Liberty Summit on Thursday, where our own Andrew Moylan, Director of Government Affairs, spoke. NTU also helped set up more than 250 meetings for constituents and their Members of Congress. That means that many Members of Congress heard from YOU, the people who pay their salaries, in face-to-face meetings.

If you were among the hundreds of thousands of Americans who attended the events, THANK YOU. We are already reaping the political dividends from our tremendous demonstration of people power. I hope your trip back home was safe.

But whether you were there or not, I hope you will read on for my impressions of this incredible day.

This spring, we sat down with some of our friends from like-minded organizations like FreedomWorks and Tea Party Patriots to discuss the possibility of organizing a march on Washington, DC. Little did we know that several months later, we would bring most of downtown Washington to a screeching halt for hours with the largest demonstration of fiscal conservatives in history.

We started bright and early at Freedom Plaza, a small park just east of the White House. Though the event wasn’t scheduled to kick off until 9:00am, the park was packed with people when I arrived at 8:00am. I kicked things off with the first speech of the day, and the huge crowd only grew from there. Pretty soon, we were over capacity and were told by police officials that we would have to begin marching. For the next several hours, all seven lanes of Pennsylvania Avenue were filled with marchers making the 1.1 mile trip to the Capitol building, where we held a massive rally.

That march may have ended at the Capitol building on Saturday, but with your help the movement behind it doesn’t have to stop there. We can harness that energy and direct it toward defending taxpayers from the many threats to our wallets that government poses. From health care and cap-and-trade at the federal level to budget deficits and tax hikes at the state and local level, America needs your help now more than ever.

We can help you make sure that your voice is heard in Washington, just like the hundreds of thousands of protestors from the rally. You can visit our Taxpayer Action Center or use your mobile phone to text the word “FIGHT” to 67292 today. By getting involved, you can help turn our government around and restore sanity to politics. It’s a tall order, but nobody said defending our freedoms would be easy.

It all starts with you and me – let’s keep up the good work!

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