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$40 Million in cuts, this is INSANE! Only this morning, on WEKU, did I hear Gov. Beshear touting five revnue neutral budgets over the last 24 months. Cuting education funding in the middle of any economic hardship is a frivalous activity. It will only lead to an increase in dropouts and negative retention rates. Frankfort is completely out of touch and maybe the lawsuits for equity funding need to begin again. Student numbers in the state continue to say at steady rates; so way does the funding go down? In addition lottery ticket sales have increased; therefore, why should the amount of funding to the education fund continue to decrease? Frankfort has missed the boat again on this one and will continue to magnify headache issues by cutting needed monies in several districts. The SEEK funding program, at its core, is a valid concept. If implemented under original intent, funding would not be an issue, during any economic crisis. To continuously cut educational funding during an economic crisis is tantamount to a slow academic suicide. Congratulations Governor, the Brain-Drain will continue in KY if Frankfort does not its self in gear. (Case-in-Point H-D stays in York, PA.)

Welcome to the Prichard Blog!: Almost $40 million already cut from SEEK program

Kentucky is sending districts $39,723,567 less in SEEK funds this year than the state provided last year.

Five districts are receiving more than ten percent less than they received last year :

* Murray Independent: 21 percent of its SEEK allocation and $1,065,487
* Frankfort Independent: 15 percent and $533,212
* Lewis County: 12 percent and $1,451,375
* Jackson Independent: 12 percent and $268,275
* Lyon County: 10 percent and $252,727

Eleven districts are receiving more than $1 million less:

* Jefferson County: $5,237,711 and 2 percent of its SEEK allocation
* Pike County: $1,615,926 and 4 percent
* Letcher County: $1,512,569 and 9 percent
* Lewis County: $1,451,375 and 12 percent
* Floyd County: $1,357,355 and 5 percent
* Harlan County: $1,303,802 and 7 percent
* Hopkins County: $1,253,451 and 4 percent
* Perry County: $1,253,250 and 7 percent
* Daviess County: $1,247,349 and 3 percent
* Christian County: $1,214,699 and 3 percent
* Murray Independent: $1,065,487 and 21 percent

Only 36 of 174 districts received a funding increase, and sixteen of those received increases of less than one percent.

So, let’s stop saying the state hasn’t cut P-12 funding yet. We’ve actually seen cuts to the Department of Education, the Education Professional Standards Board, and to smaller state funding grants, and we’ve seen nearly $40 million cut from SEEK itself.

To see figures for your own school district, click here to download a complete list.

To see my original sources, download KDE’s 2008 2009 Revised SEEK Final Summary (dated 3/12/09) and 2009-10 SEEK Tentative Summary.xls (dated 9-16-09). In the 2009-10 file, notice that the “adjust to appropriation” column shows dollars that are coming from the federal stimulus legislation: I’ve added those into the amounts I’m counting as part of state spending.

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