>KY budget woes continue…


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  The last post I ranted about the misguided budget philosophy of Gov. Beshear. His Tuesday press conference about the state budget, a mere $1.5 billion. Of course in the same month he touted budget neutral amendments in five consecutive votes. BluegrassPolitics has a great piece about the issue and is quick to point out that the state spends far more than it takes in and has become overly dependent on federal grant monies for the past two decades.
  If KY was a personal citizen begging for help in this current economy, bankruptcy and jail time might be appropriate for the misuse of funds and the endangerment of minors future potential. Why don’t more Kentuckians speak out about these problems, becasue most of those who support the broken system are addicted to its entitlements. Handouts and emtpy promises have become the status quo for KY politicians this past decade and I am sad to say that I believed the hype and my family continues to be a victim of its abuses.


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