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  When will MS finally restart its OS and Browser constructs to
think outside of the box. IE use to be the go to software a decade ago
but now the idea of open source and Google based programing have caught
and surpassed its original ideas. You know you are in trouble when MS
based colleges/universities are imaging hard drives with Firefox and
instructing professors to use it in stead of IE, you know MS has a
  Those who know that I dabble in the dark arts of technology have read my repeated kudos of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. So the usage reports coming out of CNET and PCWorld today should be no real surprise. It is official IE is now at less than a 50% usage rate and losing ground quickly. Reasons abound, but from a users standpoint the software was just junk for too long.  Now too many users have switched and pushed their friends, families and households into the mix. Granted I will continue to have a copy of whatever MS browser is on the market but my choice will always be Firefox!

Microsoft Should Kill Internet Explorer – PC World

IE is in a terrible market share slide, and a new version isn’t going to solve anything. Wikipedia averages out IE’s market share to 62.69% as of December 2009. It’s losing about one percent a month. Here at PCWorld.com, IE accounts for only 43.9% of browsers visiting the site – it’s still ahead of any other one browser, but Firefox, Chrome, and Safari combined account for 53.7% of our visitors. IE is losing a percentage point every month worldwide, and that’s just the start. There will come a tipping point where that loss will accelerate, and simply kicking out a new and shiny IE9 isn’t going to stop the slide. After several years of lackluster versions, the IE name is now poison. It’s time for a new browser with a new name.

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