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On Monday night, my wife and I tired a new type of meal that surprised the both of us. Last Saturday, while watching Secrets of Bluegrass Chefs, we both watched as the head chef at Wallace Station, Versailles, began to cook the simple vegetable and serve it as a carb substitute in a spaghetti dish. The simplicity of the item was too much for curiosity to bare; thus, we both chose to find and cook with one. Kari made a comment that she had seen one once before at Wal-mart so I told her to grab one the next time grocery shopping.After mentioning it to both her mother and brother, we were prepared with two different reciepes to try, a basic spaghetti dish and a mixed baked spaghetti. The result was an interesting conclusion.

While cooking the squash in the microwave rendered it easily forkable, cutting into the veggie was near to impossible. Preheating the gourde helped slightly but it was still very difficult. My mother in-law mentioned her difficulties when preparing one but no one mentioned the toughness of the outer shell. The taste was different than expected because I anticipated a dull squash or zuccini sweetness that was completely absent. The texture is comparable to very al dente or almost undercooked crispy. Out of the two dishes prepared, the baked spaghetti dish had a more uniformed flavor since the “noodles” absorbed the flavor of the sauce; whereas, the red sauce was more of a plain spaghetti dish.

We both agreed that this was a keeper and the fact that 8oz of “noodles” contains less than 75 calories makes it a wonderful bonus. Add some tofu and veggies next time to make a completely awesome veggie backed spaghetti.

Below is a very helpful video for preping.

Preparing Spaghetti Squash

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