>Arne Duncan Webast

>Two weeks later it appears the webcast was a ploy. I have tried several times to view the event without success. I have received ten emails, one for each work day since the event, asking me to volunteer on behalf of the Obama PAC. From my view this was a naked attempted to increase contact roles at the expense of open debate about education and policy. In addition, the webpage failed to stream video to my classroom on the day of the event. Below is a copy of my original post, written the night before.

Tomorrow, Arne Duncan will be participating in a webcast on the Obama Campaign webpage. I am a little apprehensive as the purpose and audience may be confusing. If this is in response to the Health Care/Pell Grants Bill, than why is it not being operated via the Sec of Education office. Additionally, it appears that you are allowed to submit questions electronically via the aforementioned website. Some questions about who are selecting the questions and why this format, should be applied here as well. If this is to be a formal response than the chain of responsibility and the flow of information seemed to be highly politicized.

This all being said, I still submitted a question, see below: I plan to watch, with my students, tomorrow during class.

Submitted Question: How is the administration going to replace supplemental graduate school funding for teachers, since National Writing Project funding was recommended for denial?

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