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I have contacted/emailed Engadget, TUAW, and Macworld hoping to generate a response or at least some answers about the quality control issues I mentioned in my Open Letter. Since this morning, I have completed three full restores, all of which were backup from February. The first one was prompted by an iTunes download glitch.  I attempted to download two podcasts, the downloads failed and wiped my entire music catalog off of the iPhone. So I decided to restore to a previous backup. While using the first restore, I belieive I may have found one possible solution to the camera issue. Picasa may be deleting info packets as it deletes pictures after downloads.  I attempted to download some random pics as a test for the now working driver; then, deleted them using Picasa, like I’ve done in the past. Immediately afterward the computer no longer recognized the camera. After a second reboot (again the February backup) no problems until Itested the camera driver and it happened again.  Hence a third restore was necessary. The third time I used the Windows Photo Gallery manager and deleted the pics using the iPhone, no problems.

It seems to be working now, but at least three phone calls were bumped directly to voice-mail during the day, two before and one after the restores. This has been a newly recurring event  since about mid-May but is starting to occur more often now.