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>Poverty, State by State   The Washington Independent.

Today, the Census Bureau released a trove of data from the 2009 American Community Survey showing, among other things, that income inequality has reached a new peak and a sharp decline in marriages. One other interesting find in the survey is state-by-state poverty levels. The New York Times posts a good map:

The poverty rate is highest in Mississippi (21.9 percent) and lowest in New Hampshire (8.5 percent). The extreme poverty rate — a threshold halfway below the United States’ already very low poverty measure (meaning you have to be very poor to be classified as in poverty, and twice that poor to be classified as in extreme poverty) — is highest in Washington D.C. (10.7 percent) and lowest in Wyoming (3.3 percent).

Interestingly, the survey also shows that Washington D.C. has the highest median household income of any state, at $85,198. That corresponds with the idea that D.C. really is two cities, with a minority of highly educated wealthy folks and a majority of less educated and generally much poorer ones.

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