Book Review: The Pawn by Steven James

The Pawn (The Patrick Bowers Files, #1)The Pawn by Steven James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First, I haven’t read a legal/police thriller in about a year. Thus anything I say will be comparable to what I watch on L&O or NCIS. That being said, I really enjoyed reading a book with some ramped up suspense and thriller aspects without all of the blatant nudity, sex, and language. The evil serial killer was believable and his cohort was as well. Actually if he had let off a line of curse words, I would have been surprised because of his cool demeanor throughout. At first I thought that it was actually the same person and was a little confused as to the relationship between The Illusionist and Kincaid, but this was resolved well into the book by the author. I don’t like spoilers so I’ll leave the rest of them out but I will say that one of the bodies is found in a shocking way. From that point on the story seemed to fly to the end.

Some said that it seemed formulaic but I would ask how a suspense/thriller piece could not be? In the end it provides for some fairly intense moments and some gore but not out of the ordinary for a book in genre. The ending did seem a little hah and corny but It worked for me.

It was an enjoyable book and I picked up the next one in the series today from my church library. If you are looking for a close comparison I would say Plaguemaker by Tim Downs would be a close one. Really liked that one as well.

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