Book Review: Fruit of the Spirit – Love

Fruit of the Spirit: Love: Cultivating Spirit-Given Character (Fruit of the Spirit)Fruit of the Spirit: Love: Cultivating Spirit-Given Character by Calvin Miller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Considering most devotionals are bland and boring at times, Calvin Miller has been able to break out of the mold. However, this book is most effective when read as a group. Reading it alone and periodically throughout the past months, made for a difficult read. However, the times that I spent reading and viewing the verses were more enjoyable when looking at a week’s reading per day and reading the Character studies on following days. I would like to reread it as a small couple’s study group.

His use of the Fruits of the Spirit as a long term discussion goal is not new but at least it is well done and not a simple rehash of previous readings and devotionals on the same discussion. The structure of the readings is nice that it allows for five reading days and then a possible group discussion on either a 6th or 7th day of the week, as long as you choose to move the character studies around, I chose to do mine before the week’s readings. The questions have a nice variety for both new and older believers but I would recommend that the group should be at similar places in their walk with Christ and small for better discussion.
My favorite week of readings would have to be Week 4: Love – God’s Passion for His World. His use of Jonah and Hosea as major readings was a great way to look at the tough side of God’s love at work in our lives. I did review the Kindle version of the book and found it very easy to read and the pagination transfer between my Kindle and Desktop were great but reading on the iPhone app was difficult at times. I would highly recommend this as a great Sunday school reader for any Adult or Couples group looking for something different.

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