US Army picks Android OS

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Image via CrunchBase

US Army picks Android to power its first smartphone.

As the military of tomorrow begins to build itself on the structures of personal mobile technology, we are seeing that the individual soldier will be tied to a new digital battlefield. One might wonder what a Ranger would need an HTC Thunderbolt on the battle field, and the answer is he/she wouldn’t. The concept is to digitize the battlefield in a way to make allied soldier safe for other allied soldiers. Using an advanced version of near-field-communication one could actually create a more acturate attack plan and reduce casualties rendered by friendly fire.

The downfall of this plan could be similar to what happened to combat pilots at the beginning of Vietnam. Combat skills based purely on wysiwyg may diminish overtime and create an overly dependent tech-based soldier. I know the accuracy of computer based launching systems is better than line-of-sight but tech fails and that is when bad things happen.