Summer, Readings, and Other Nonesuch

The West Virginia State Capitol.
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With just over two weeks of Summer Break down, I have one more week of Summer Reading left to teach. So far not much exciting has happened. My family spent some time with grandparents, a short trip to the Vandalia Festival in WV and some time cleaning the rubbish around the yard. It was my first time to the Vandalia Gathering and I must say that I really enjoyed my time on the WV State house grounds. At least a two dozen different bluegrass and/or blended  mountain country music performers sitting around on the grass and filling the air with a overly simple complex of music. It was a wonderful sound for a hot summer Memorial Day weekend. For Father’s Day, I wonder if a trip to Shaker village and the Old Fort Harrod this weekend would be another fun thing to do or maybe a run on up to the Cincinnati Zoo. Might be a good idea to fill the Summer with a little bit of fun and history.

Reading has been moving along well. Since school let out I have finished two more novels that I started reading a few weeks ago. I’ll be posting reviews sometime over the next few weeks. For anyone interested, my favorite podcast, The Sword and Laser, has chosen The Hunger Games as their read for June/July. Since, it is a YA Lit book they may make it through fairly quickly but you can still listen to their commentaries for upto three months afterwards, October/November. Their book group is also located on my favorite reader page, Goodreads. I am a big fan. They do, from time-to-time cuss on the show but overall carry a PG rating. They are also big fans of Game of Thrones for anyone who is a George RR Martin fan.