Darfur, Nuba, and New Ethnic Cleansing Issues

Nuba Mountains
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Darfur Redux: Is ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Occurring in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains? – TIME.

Nuba now view the U.N. peacekeepers, the only major international presence now on the ground, with shades of deep suspicion and anger for failing to keep any peace. Said one local church official collecting reports from across the state: “People are getting hopeless. There is no food, and no where to go.” It seems even splitting Sudan up might not be enough to keep the nation from falling apart.

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About a month ago, many across the world thought that the issues in Sudan may begin to settle down but it appears that it is only getting worse. As Southern Sudan moves for complete political autonomy, the issues of social and religious differences is tearing the country apart. Those who seek power for its own benefit will reduce the weak and merge to ruble. President Bashir and his political followers in Sudan and Southern Sudan will continue to feel emboldened to response to the deterioration of Southern Sudan’s weak central government.