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The Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save HumanityThe Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save Humanity by Andy Andrews

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This book is a great simple read for a weekend or a business trip hotel read. For full disclosure, I quickly read through The Travelers Gift & Mastering the Seven Decisions before reading this book and found many of the leadership qualities he presents to be similar but different from the mainstream NYTimes business bestsellers. The wisdom he presents continues to be Biblical and Angelic in its scope.

The premise this time around is that all of history’s Travelers have been convened in one chamber with five chances to discover the key to get Humanity back on track. Now I will say that both books lean heavily on Anglo-American historical figures; which could lead some to find it difficult to relate to the main and supporting characters. Some of the unique characters being Joan of Arc, Winston Churchill, a reappearance by Anne Frank, and a lesser known man Erik Erickson. To accompany the book, is posting weekly biographies about the historical characters within the novel. The main purpose being to find the truly base building blocks of what it means to begin anew with mankind. Again I point out that this is for the most part a light read with fundamental issues of leadership and Christianity at its core. Anyone looking to get past the typical leadership, this is how I leader, reader both of the Traveler’s novels would be a great place to start.

The original book in the series is more rewarding;however, this one provides for interesting debate within the ideologies of modern American Apologetic theories. He at times echoes the voice of C.S. Lewis in his simple delivery of the complex ideas but is still no comparison to the likes of Chesterton. G. K. (Gilbert Keith). 1874-1936.. If you are looking for heavy lifting start there but for a fun and thoughtful read begin with Andy Andrews.

I did read this as part of a promo.The digital version they release is a great Kindle addition and only contained snips of DRM data within the text as a reminder that it was to be read in expectations of a review. Thanks BookSneeze.

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