Book Review: Be The People

Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise by Carol M. Swain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dr. Swain has taken on the political pundits and defeated them clearly. Instead of devolving into a heated, emotional debate, she uses polling data to back-up her commentaries on Immigration, Moral Construction, immigration, the Obama Administration and abortion. The basis of the book is one of a noble effort in that it is a call to galvanize the Christian population of America to openly discuss and debate the ideas that are being presented by the mainstream media on both sides of the aisle.

The chapters on Abortion, Immigration, and Obama are extremely poignant and fact based. This a great read for anyone who needs an emotionally balanced argument against the moral liberalization or America. I wish I could use this as a text to teach contemporary American politics. It provides a great example of independent thinking within a political group. Her choice of using a myriad of quotes to introduce each chapter clearly focuses the reader on objective she is attempting to push forward. For anyone who is politically involved more than the average citizen, at times she using redundant data to support her POV.

I did read this as part of a Booksneeze review and read the digital copy they provided. In the digital format, I would suggest a few layout changes that caused the book to appear longer than one would think. Her writing finishes somewhere around 52% on the Kindle edition and then is followed by the Appendices. Since they included the Ten Commandments, Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I chose only to read the the Dec of Ind. following her writing. I’ve read the others all before and use them in my classes annually. In addition, the use of block quotes throughout the text was again redundant and at times annoying on the Kindle because of formatting that would cause the layout to be a small set of lines followed by the block quote and then empty space or vice-versa.

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