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The Lazarus Trap
The Lazarus Trap by Davis Bunn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Again a great example of Bunn work as a suspense writer who writes about the world but through a Christian POV. The idea of a once upstanding man’s fall from grace is a classic line of thought. What makes this version different is that Val Haines, the protagonist, doesn’t remember how good or bad he was. As the mystery of a NYC bombing, lost pension funds, and embezzled money is discovered, Val must remember his past mistakes and painful remembrances to solve the crime, save the company, and win the girl. The villain in this journey, Terrance d’Arcey is a true Gordon Gecko protege. As they both maneuver towards the money and a final confrontation Terrance must deal with his family and past as well. Toss in a dirty ex-cop, eastern european gangsters, bad English weather, and the island of Jersey; you get the whole story.

Bunn makes references to the Enron scandal and past Wall Street corporate greed scheme but has less of the details. As a whole Bunn stays away from the complicated aspects of embezzlement and sticks to the action. The only confussing parts were the dialogue when multiple scenes and character were without a great transition between them

Those who liked John Grissom, especially The Firm, will find this an easy and fun read. My only problem is that the story would have benefited more with additional length. Another 50-100 pages would have added a lot more to building up the suspense, filling plot holes, explaining the ending better and possibly given room for deeper reflections by Terrance. I hated his arrogance in the beginning but was wanting his redemption, more so than Val, by the end. Val was equally likable beginning, middle, and end but not a great hero.

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