Book Review: The Warlock

The Warlock (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #5)The Warlock by Michael Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Much better second-half. Less action this time but more development within the plot. Overall good read but recommend waiting to read this one shortly before next year’s final part in the series is released. I wonder after finishing it if the intent was to create an elongated series or if the publishers pushed the books out. A lot of the action in the last book would have worked well blended more with this one. Of course when selling to a YA audience you have to think about who’s buying and the willingness to read. Taking a big chance in the realm of Harry Potter can be a bit overbearing; thus, smaller first parts and then keep within roughly 100 pgs of the first book’s length.  Spoilers after the jump link…

Again a great start to the book, with just enough backstory to remind you of the journey already taken. Nicholas is dying, Prometheus is not too good either, and Dee has Josh confused and sided with his crazy plan to destroy the Elders. At least Coatlicue is stuck in her Shadowrealm again; while, Mars is being awoken for what appears to be a final battle it’s just a question of timing now.The description and story of the warriors in Danu Talis is where most of the action takes place while the current events seem a bit slow and mostly character driven. Josh is given another Magic as well as Sophie as they begin to move towards each other in an unexpected fulfillment of the prophecy. Have the two siblings become enemies, for the most part was foreseeable but have their “aunt” be one of the ancient keepers of knowledge is a great surprise as well as the introduction of Sophie and Josh’s parents.

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