What is Kickstarter?

kickstarter logo

During the past few months I have heard several references (Tech News Today and the Linux Action Show!) to this random organization. Today, I finally went to the website after reading about a new glass touch keyboard/mouse, this new idea is suppose to mimic the feel of actually typing on your tablet or smartphone. I was amazed at the verity of different financing that people were asking for: doughnut shops, traveling actors troupe, tech items, graphic novels, music, independent photography and cinematographers. This micro financing movement is an amazing result of the digital age. What use to be a natural social event, in which patronage was requested from known individuals or large benefactors.

Is it not amazing that the typical one-on-one interactions of the past are so easily and quickly replaced by technology and social networking. Plus the collectivization of financing creates a visible community of accountability. Admittedly I would not typically support the ideals of collectivization, venture capitalist have produced huge growth during this tough decade. However, when groups like Kickstarter work for the greater good, and not for the generation of government as a  deity, it translates into the ideals of community and not communism. Kickstarter and other micro financing services should begin to fill the void in countries were austerity  plans have reduced the amount of public funds available for citizens. Additionally, that becomes a good thing, because job growth is an organic byproduct. Any true government interaction tends to only have short term affect and change with administrations.