Hong Kong Day 2 Disneyland

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Today was a bit different. After a good night’s rest, an American Lunch (KFC) and slow shopping morning, I had a much better day, Hong Kong Disneyland is not vastly different from FL Disneyworld. The size of the park is the major difference one notices at first. The other noticeable difference is that everything is spoken in Cantonese and then Sung in English. Characters talk to people in Cantonese until you speak to them in English. The vendors where very nice and their ability to speak English seems above the average for those I’ve met thus far.  The day was much warmer than yesterday and sunny.

We arrived shortly after 3:45 and were able to see the end of the daily parade.  The actors were mostly of Chinese decent which made for an intersting view. When you are use to seeing characters of European and Western looks, Asian actors dressed as the Disney Princesses was just different. Little kids everywhere were smiling and enjoying the parade.

Throughout the day funny little oddities presented themselves like the Scrabble board providing directions in the Toy Store Land. By the End of the day a pleasent fireworks show and a MTR ride back to the Citygate before a car ride back across the island to the hotel.