Hong Kong Day 3

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IT was a bit of a slow day. We spent the morning at a local shopping mall in Tsuen Wan, Kong Fwai Outlets. A bit of a mix of the modern shopping mall in one building and a vendor’s market in the other building. We had a lovely little lunch at the Bistro Delifrancorte, a mix of French and Italian cuisine. Here we had a new thing, warm water. Its traditional here to serve warm water at the beginning of the meal even if you are getting something else to drink. A bit like the iced water glasses at some restaurants in the States.
The cramped and busy crowds, inside the mall, were a bit much at times but nothing that we all couldn’t handle. iPhone cases, women’s attire and accessories bounded out of every stall in some way. Almost to much to choose from; hence a paralytic stare for something that you need not just want. I came away with a few writing journals and a couple things for family.
Later in the day we travel back to the school for a good Cantonese BBQ. A bit different here. Honey basting on just about everything. Marinated skirt stake, hot dogs, chicken wings, pork sausage pieces, corn, sweet potatoes, and honey garlic prawns. Yum! I also managed to snap a few pics of the view from the school courtyard and the community garden that the students and faculty share. In the front of the school are the flowers; whereas, the rear garden is for food. See the individual pictures after the jump below.