Hong Kong Day 7

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What a really busy day. For our mornign activitiy we learned parts of the Lion dance from a real Kung Fu Master. Later we traveled to the Peak for lunch and small walk. I picked up some nive painitngs of HK and cheap chop sticks. Afterwards we traveled back down and walked through HK Center Park. THen we amde our way via the old tram/bus to Causeway Bay. We walked through the local street market and I found some nice Bruce Lee t-shirts. Afterwards, we took the ferry across the harbor and had dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant.  We walked the streets of Kowloon for a bit and I got a chance to peruse my first H&M. Then we took a crowded MTR back home. I think at the current rate we are averaging somewhere around 5miles a day. They seem to walk everywhere here. Really sore and tired each night but this is getting me into great shape.