Hong Kong Day 9: Tai O Village and Kong Fu

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This will be my last post from Hong Kong. As it holds to tradition this week, a late night post with just a few pics. This morning I went down early to change a little bit of US$ and realized while I was standing in the lobby that I didn’t have a pic of Simba and the Pandas. I’m going to snap one more tomorrow mornign iwt the piano ones, they are a little creepy. Our morning at the school was nice we spent time with the Form 2 students, grade 7 , work on a small wood shop craft. Then we went downstairs to learn a little Kung Fu. Master Hong is seriously strong and really patient with his students. After lunch at a Vietnamese place in CityGate, we traveled over the Lantau mountains again to a small fishing village, Tai O. It was cold and rainy but I got some decent pics with the Sony. The odd looking dried skin is suppose to be a shark of manta ray skin and those realy are tombstones high above the village on the mountainside.

\Later on we finished up some shopping at we treated to a dinner buffet in the Novotel Hotel. Nice mix of European and Asian dishes.  We capped the evening with a farewell party in one of the teacher’s flats and I’ve been packing for about 2 hours.  Well and early morning and a flight home are on the agenda for tomorrow.