Banned Books Week: Sept30-Oct6

Banned Books Week
Banned Books Week (Photo credit: Alameda County Library)

This week is Banned Books Week. 30 years ago the American Library Association began an awareness of books that reached restricted or banned status in libraries across the country. Even though books are banned for various reason; however, the most common is that an individual believes that the general opinion presented by an author is counter to those held by the community at-large.  Usually this banned books gain a bit of localized press and fanfare only to be reshelved after a few years or forgotten.

Several bloggers and academics chime in on the issues annually, personally I don’t agree with banning books until asked specifically about a book and a reader. Case in point, I’m telling my daughter about the Tolkien‘s The Hobbit instead of reading it to her. Some of Tolkien’s choice of words and descriptions can be a bit much for a four year-old. (Currently, the book is banned or restricted in over a dozen communities.) In the end, what works for one family is not always what is best for others.  Do your part and read a book this week, banned or not.