2014 Poetry: Day One

Walk Away
Lonely paved streets
White walls with Open sky
Walking Away
Leyla with crying child
Must make it to prayers
Barren shade of the date palm
Empty pockets, empty bowls

Closed doors with silent homes
Footfalls to future’s today.

Went Golfing Instead
My aunt’s funeral day
I never liked her
My second daughter’s birthday
I ignored my phone
My dad’s 65th birthday
I was at Augusta.
My day in divorce court
I explained this already.
My retirement party
I was fired two weeks before.
My son’s wedding
I don’t like my wife.
My car got repossessed
I was on the 11th hole.
My kids disowned me
I didn’t have anything else to do.
My last cardiologist appointment
I paid for a whole round but didn’t finish.

A Child’s Day
You have to be quite
Bathroom break
run, jump, play, talk
And everybody had fun
Musical dancing fun
Math, reading, maps
Explore, invent, create

Home Water on the Ebro
Pillars reaching for the sky
An old faith of my land their past
St. Pilar of Zaragoza
Not my land place home
But I call it my own
Not my faith
But traditions are bare there
Not my father’s home
Or my own

Bridging the tides of time & place
Finding strengthen in who I could have been
  in what was not me
What might I speak, breathe, live
Another life from another age
Not a better life choice but a different time

Can a List be a Poem?
Random artifacts, a moment’s memento
Life’s precious pieces of place
Jackson’s old clothes, A rag quilt purse
Yellow tricycle wheel, An Okie rancher’s rock
Blue paper snail, State Fair Art 1st prize
Crumble maple leafs, Glass syrup jar
Mega-Delux Capitalizing Machine, My first novel
Which do we keep?

Who Gets a Ticket?
Tag out of date,
Wrong license plate.
Mom’s minivan,
Audi sport sedan.
Messy clean or
Something green.
Let’s see who,
Gets a ticket today.