2014 Poetry Day Three

Personal, Poetry

Pyramid and Game-show words
Anything alpha-humeric !#@<
Shifting everyday
Security or falsehoods
Working passively
Over the years makes my heart bleed
Rachel, Grace, Nora, Clare
Down and out with no more to spare

Greek Ninja I (Free Verse)
Give me a word, any word will do
English, Latin, Chinese, or even old Urdu
Waking literature like poetry becomes my Kung Fu
Mixed metaphors with SciFi will never work with you.

Greek Ninja II (Haiku)
Any word will do
Latin, Chinese, or Urdu
Poetic Kung Fu

Limericks are everywhere
You only have to see.
The open world around you
Is a Wordle Lavatory.
Cursing, Cussing, and Blasphamy
Is a contextual bore
but rhyming to “make poetry”
I completely abhor.


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