A Great Read on Modern Unions

Unions Need to be Reinvented http://blog.heritage.org/2014/05/03/unions-need-reinvented/

Speaks to why I don’t like teacher unions and the overall corruption of some trade unions. If people want to work and they are trained in the feild, then get them work and fight for support to further productive growth. Of course I could rant about this all dy, but to put it simply old style unions are not the way in a knowledge and digital based economy.

Reinvented unions — perhaps called “employee associations” — would stop trying to cartelize the labor market. Collective contracts appeal to few workers, and such cartels stand little chance in today’s increasingly competitive economy.

Few companies today can pass on the higher cost of union contracts to consumers. Unionized companies typically wither in the marketplace. Instead, employee associations would focus on two things: adding voice and value.

Many workers want their company to hear their concerns. But sheer size often separates senior management from rank-and-file workers.