Launchers Update

I decided to give Aviate another try this week. One of my big complaints before was a lack of notification bubbles for calls, emails, and SMS. This has been added in the update. You can see them in the gallery below.

However, the lack of multi-screen use for widgets and a landscape option are still missing. I understand they are trying to use location software to prioritize what apps are shown, but this can still be confusing and difficult to use/setup. It can take as many as three clicks to get to an app that has a quick launch feature in other launchers.

I tried it on both my Nexus 7 and the Galaxy S3 and almost immediately dropped it from the Nexus because I use it primarily in landscape. But it’s been a week and I’m still using it on my GS3. I will say that this modified tilesque UI is what I wish windows 8/Metro was like. I’ll keep with it and see what I like for a bit. The oddest function is adding shortcuts. They are part of the apps list on the far right screen but can be added to the favorites or any of the place settings.