Another Act of “Tolerence”

For the past decade, the word “tolerance”has been tossed around as a way to push acceptance in western cultures. But as we continue to see,  that only applies to the ideas that the progressive minority accepts, or has told others to accept as part of an educated elite.  At the same time, the town square has diminished to a single voice of the loudest “majority.” Individuals have been relegated to be without  freedom of expression, if they wish to have ability to be a part of the marketplace controlled manipulated by the elite.

Now this can not be construed into the idea that I wish to hear racist or bigoted vitriol from the roof tops, insert newest comment about LA Clippers our Washington Redskins owners here. However, they have the right to speak. We can not shout at other countries for restricting the liberty of their citizens and then do nothing when the same happens here. At the same time, the free market will always balance itself out. Yet, it requires the populace to be allowed to see and be a part of the process. I stood in line in the summer heat to get Chic-fil-a. My family buys craft goods from Hobby Lobby. I haven’t stopped using Firefox but instead have greatly curtailed my use and shifted to Chrome, Opera, and Dolphin. But, I still enjoy using Google products and going to Starbucks. I  listen to classic rock and Christian pop in the same day. Now, I hope that the Benham Brothers get their chance for the free market to watch and decide.

Patrick Henry may have been a vehement atheist, but at least he realized that any idea must be subject to the public square and weighed by all, not just the elite. We can not allow ourselves this lack of liberty or else Hobbes’s Old World Leviathan will be replaced with a Reign of Terroristic Liberalism.

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