This really happens… Woman Sentenced to death for faith

Reports of a Sudanese woman being sentenced to death for being a Christian, marrying a Christian man, and having children outside of the Islamic faith.

This from an AP/USA Today report-

Meriam Ibrahim, 27, was convicted on charges of “apostasy” — the crime of abandoning or renouncing a religion. The court also ordered Ibrahim — who married a Christian man in 2011 and is eight months pregnant — to receive 100 lashes for “adultery” because her marriage is considered void under sharia law. The couple has a child, a 20-month-old boy, who is currently in detention with her.

The reports all say the same things. She was abandoned  by her Islamic Father as a child and raise in the Orthodox Church. However, Sudanese/Islamic law says that your faith is based on your father and not personal profession.  The US and UK have both condemned the court’s ruling and Amnesty International has begun to drum up more support for the condemned woman; however, her time is short. Please pray for her today and all women being prosecuted for their faith. Especially remember the Girls in Nigeria as well.

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