How To Pick a Real Digital ID

About five years ago, I was sitting in a grad class trying to think of a new direction to go with my online persona. This creepy feeling was starting to make me think I had to clearly break my professional me from the personal me. However, at the same time I wanted something that was still me. I had spent the better part of college and my early teaching career, creating an online persons based on my admiration of Thomas Jefferson. Some how the idea of referencing his mere conscientiousness, seemed to me as an excellent idea for an email. Hence: jeffersonthought was born in the Yahoo annals. It was far better than the rediculous name I had made when my family first got online. Needless to say the use of a cartoon character and a nickname based on a nervous twitch was far worse and less personal. But that was the early days of the net. Names and logins were random but meaningful, just ask ZeroCool or Beethoven’s Ghost.

However, in today’s world you need to be you. No more pen names or false emails, and thus we arrive back to my original theme an odd new professional persona. I was reading a mix of SciFi novels at the time and was still considering myself, and my classroom, as a strong supporter of Ayn Rand’s work. The idea of the Greek Titan Prometheus was incredibly interesting to me. One who both loved and protected mankind but was eternally dammed for giving them knowledge. As an educator, he seemed an amazing metaphor of the life I had chosen. But that was not enough because an amalgam of different corporations and groups had already cornered the market, so I added the word “edict.” A pretentious old world term for an binding law of royal statute.  Now I had a blogger name to lay down judgment on others in a way that only few could, but it was a lost cause.

After a flurry of spite filled tweets and an elongated period of focus, all that resulted in a name and a quickly abandoned ideal. Yet, here I am in a twist of fate. Finding myself relegated to using this pseudonym because of a clerical miscalculation on my part, I now well try my best to bring forth the fiery passion of knowledge and persuit of Christ that I always dreamed was in my pen. It is time to be a Promethean Edict.