Oklahoma, SC Exit Common Core. Is Your State Next?


The article is quick to point, and rightly so, that it is not just these two, plus Indiana, but also those who refused to pick up CCS when it was forced as a requirement of federal Ed $$$. As a teacher/professor at a school that is completely embracing CCS and the new CAEP standards, I wonder what the back pedaling will look like if the state of KY walks away from this idea because of shifting political winds or partisan cronyism. I remember being at a National Conference in Kalamazoo, MI talking about a new wiki based on the standards that were passed 10 months before, only to find out that they were voted out for the undrafted CCS constructs. Which are still not complete and lack any kind of real advancement for educational thought, I tried not to use pedagogy. 🙊

That’s one of the things about education, and maybe any job. Bureaucrats will always tell you how to do something better as long as they believe, get pandered to, by the one who really wrote the legislation and policies. Sorry so negative, but it just feels like I’m in a profession that cares more about unusable metadata from mega-test; then actually discussing children in a holistic manner. This is not to be construed as sarcasm about SEEK funding, classroom ratios designs, or falsehoods that more tests prove to be better for student success. We shouldn’t try to compare our score to other countries and then fix the tests so that the scores look better. Heck we are teaching more children for “free” than any other national system. But that’s another cat for another day.

Good luck to all the teachers in IN, OK, and my home of SC. If y’all figure this out first please feel free to package it and sell it to the rest of us.