Gamers Against Misogynistic Efforts

As a dad, gamer and geek, I say it needs to end. Drawing women out of proportion, touching up real life photos, busting out of brassieres for no good reason is simply ridiculous. I know sex sells but it also hurts the other 51% every time. It is almost impossible to share geek culture with my daughters with worrying that they become consumed by objectification.

Guys and gamers alike have to refuse to accept blatantly created games, comics and cartoons whose underlining themes include violence towards women. Creating characters based on the wants needs of teenage boy fantasies is completely unacceptable and unenjoyable. The ephemeral nature of gaming has pushed me to the point that I no longer want to be in that works out even take my daughters into it.

Stop confusing games and comic books with porn!

Gamers take a stand against misogyny